The Werkstätten were involved in this project from the initial designs to the premiere.

TINA was the first set to be pre-assembled in the new hall (MO1). The captivating stage design is minimalist so as not to detract from the actors’ performance. The set is complemented by light and video design, allowing the audience to be completely submerged in Tina Turner’s world.

The basic set consists of a 214m² stage floor and four large design portals which frame and create a depth graduation. The portals are framed with a surrounding oak strip backlit with LEDs to introduce additional accents during the show. Nine movable walls and six movable door frames create different sets and can be changed quickly offstage by the stage hands.

The grand finale of the play in which Tina’s actress once again demonstrates her vocal talent and is accompanied by the band on a large grandstand, is almost like a real live concert.