Just in time for the kickoff of the 55th Bundesliga season, ZDF Sport has been given a new look. At the center of this is the redesigned ‘current sports studio’. The two ZDF formats ‘SPORTextra’ and the ‘SPORTreportage’ will also find a new home in the new studio.

The Studio Hamburg studio operation, as a general contractor in close cooperation with the ZDF as client and the Atelier Marktgraph, has realized three new and modern studio designs with complex media technology in only 3 ½ months. Eye-catcher of the new studios is the circular, “swarm design” arranged 360 ° stadium optics with specially developed lighting elements, which shines through modern LED technology in changing shades. The video-enabled modules are characterized not only by their clear design, but also offer varied staging possibilities in interaction with large LED walls. Several media elements, some with control technology, support the media impression. Especially here is the star appearance. This consists of two modules, each with five panoramic screens, which are free to move horizontally.

The classic of the current sports studio, the Torwand, has also been modernized and now shines in new light with integrated sensors and LED technology. With every hit on the goal wall an optical cheering atmosphere appears along the goal wall.

Modern outdoor broadcasting tables were produced in the same design at the same time and can now be broadcast on various sports venues around the world.

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