In August 2017, the workshops of Studio Hamburg received the order to newly create the decoration for the ARD and ZDF Mittagsmagazin. On a weekly change, informative and entertaining contributions to this format are produced on ARD and ZDF. For this purpose, the workshops have produced convex and concave plexi walls with individual prints for ARD and ZDF, which serve as decoration background. The challenge was the size and shape of the plexi walls. Also oval floorboards, a sofa for the ZDF, moderation tables in different sizes and three moderation tables in freeforms were produced. The latter were structurally very demanding, since they are 5-axis milled and thus “almost as if made from one piece”. Transitions from the table to the feet are therefore virtually undetectable.
In May 2018, the realization was completed and the first shipment with the new decoration could be presented.